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Adidas Exploratarium – Screen Printed Poster Design Series

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Adidas Exploratarium – Screen Printed Poster Design Series

We have been commissioned to develop a generic poster concept for the internal lecture series „Exploratarium“ at adidas AG´s headquarters.

Our goal was to create a self-explaining design concept and guideline for a layout that can be autonomously implemented month by month and that simply guarantees a consequent design every time. As the events are held once in a month throughout the year we decided to assign a specific color to each of those months in order to define an overall color palette. The logo is used as a static icon in the layout´s background, the overlying typeface is generically applied in the grid for “every” length. As the posters are produced as silkscreen prints one only needs to produce one new screen for each new event, announcing the speaker and additional information.

Adidas Exploratarium
Visual Identity
Adidas AG
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