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Adidas Originals (Blue Collection) – Global Window Installation SS14

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Adidas Originals (Blue Collection) – Global Window Installation SS14

The adidas Originals Blue Collection combines lifestyle and luxury. Sporty functionality, wearing comfort and casual streetwear attitude characterize the SS14 collection.

Vintage inspirations and advanced textile technology as well as thematic influences of the football World Cup in Brazil are subtly incorporated into the design and give the collection its unique character. The Blue SS14 window set-up manages with its feel to pick up the exclusive, reduced visual language of the campaign: Black – Black. We decided to work with two different surface textures: matte black wood and shiny black acrylic glass as well as a large mirror glass.

The matte black wall made of painted rough chipboard forms the base of the installation. It is divided by different transverse and longitudinal slats to slightly break up the flatness and to divide the wall in different areas. In the middle of the installation, a mirror is mounted in an angle of 90 degrees which always gives a “new” idea of the installation depending on the position of the observer. It creates a kind of collage of all the objects exhibited in the window and the universe in which the installation is placed. In addition the items of the collection that are placed directly in front of the mirror can thus be regarded in an angle of 360 degrees.
Left and right posters with the key graphics were put up and mounted directly on the wooden wall – in front of them campaign images were hung on acrylic glass. The acrylic glass had been printed on both sides.
The shoe displays – also made of matte black rough chipboard – follow the division of the wall in their use of forms. The surfaces on which the shoes are featured are made of black, high-gloss acrylic glass. They develop the thought Matt x Glossy further and provide a valuable platform for their presentation.
To prevent the entire installation from looking too dark, neon tubes were mounted on the rear side of the wooden wall which emphasize the contrasting surface structures Matt x Glossy even more.

adidas Originals Blue Collection - Global Window Installation SS2014

Creative Direction, Communication & Production Guideline for global implementation.
Adidas AG / The Bakery

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